After ten seasons of operation, I would like to thank each and every scout troop for your

participation at Camp Running Bear and Camp Dancing Bear.  We started off ten years ago with six

bookings and we will end this year with 43 bookings.  The boy scouts were our first supporters

during the early years, but, the cub scouts have made a tremendous charge over several seasons.

And, we are booking more Girl Scout groups each year! Thanks for spreading the word!

We are very excited about our winter bookings!  Some scouts even camp in snow forts! You can

always book a year ahead for camp reservations.

Wonderful projects have made our camps better and better for troop activities.  Between the Eagle

Scout projects and the Girl Scout Gold projects we have enriched the camp with several great bridges

crossing the creek, a flag court at Camp Running Bear, cabin painting inside and out, picnic tables, a

trail erosion project, trail markings, and a new fire pit at Camp Dancing Bear, a new large camp

circle above the cabins at Running Bear, benches around the camp circle at Running Bear, an

orienteering course, a new Gold Project at Dancing Bear with a pollinator garden, several new

swings at Dancing Bear, and the list goes on. If you know of an Eagle Scout and Girl Scout looking

for a Gold Project, send them our way, we have lots of ideas for projects that will enhance the camps

for all scout groups. While these projects help us greatly, Mother Nature has dealt us some serious

blows with fallen trees and roof replacements. Back to the positive side, we are about three quarters

of the way through restoring and renovating the Nature Lodge at Camp Running Bear.  We have

spent $10,000 to insulate the building, panel the inside walls, and install a beautiful stone floor.  Our

next income will hopefully buy us some windows and doors for the 1,500 square foot building.  And,

the building is in need of a new roof.

We thank you for your efforts in cleaning up the buildings when you leave and taking your trash

with you so that you leave no trace.  (We do not have trash collection) I’d like to make special note

of Boy Scout Troop #711, a troop that always leaves the camp better than they find it.  It is hard to

describe a perfect clean up; but Troop #711 gets my vote.

Each year, special improvements have been made to the camps and we have continued to keep the

same rates.  Only with your continued support will this remain possible.  We need and encourage

more Eagle Scout and Gold projects and we need to double book the 2 camp sites as many weeks as

possible.  Your help in spreading the word to other scout leaders is encouraged and deeply


Finally, I would like to mention that the swings at Camp Running Bear are never to be used without

appropriate adult supervision and spotters on duty and ask that you help us out with enforcing these

procedures.  The swings and the rope courses are inspected on an annual basis and we have spent a

considerable amount of time and money to make sure they meet all codes.  The Low and High Ropes

Courses are to be used only in conjunction with trained camp/ staff guidance. (a separate fee is

charged for this service) It’s about the safety of your children and keeping these activities available

for all children for the future.


Often times we have been able to provide firewood for the Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts that visit the

camps and are happy to do so.  The wood provided is the result of a great deal of time and effort on

our behalf.  Most groups use a reasonable amount of the wood supply; but, of course, some groups

use the wood to excess, not caring about the next groups to follow.  There is an unlimited amount of

fallen timber on the camp grounds, it would be a reasonable request for each troop to replace what

they use and leave enough wood for the next troops’ start up. Therefore, I am requesting each troop

to help out in at least one of the following ways:

Bring some wood from home if possible.

Cut and split some of the downed trees at camp to help us keep an adequate wood supply.

Leave a small monetary $ donation for us to pay helpers who come out occasionally to maintain

the firewood supply for the scouting community.


Before I purchased the camp 10 years ago, a person (“the ranger”) met with each group upon their

arrival to collect the money for the weekend.  I did not like this idea at first because exact numbers

can change due to unforeseen events.  But, now I understand why the fraternal organizations that

owned the camps prior to me had this procedure.

It took me two months and five phone calls to collect the money owed for a weekend of camping

from one group.   My intention in buying the camps was to provide a wonderful opportunity for our

youth to enjoy and appreciate the outdoors, almost a public service for children, without the hope of

breaking even, but at least being able to cover some expenses.  But collection of monies for camp

rentals has become cumbersome, frustrating, and downright disappointing considering the clientele

and the scouting mottos and values.  Treasurers who are too busy to write a check and make a prompt

payment are becoming more the norm.  So, in light of this, we will establish the following policy

regarding payment, you have two options:

Leave a check Sunday morning before leaving the camp.  There is a shelf in the dining hall by

the door where you can leave the check.

Mail in the payment within 2 days (by Tuesday for a weekend rental) of leaving the camp.

We are forever grateful for your support and efforts in helping Camp Running Bear and

Camp Dancing Bear to continue to serve the scouting community for the future!