Camp Running Bear and Dancing Bear are proud recipients of several Eagle Scout projects over the past two years.  We encourage scouts, boy and girl, to consider visiting the camps, discussing ideas with Al Henneman, owner,  and envisioning ways to craft Eagle and Gold projects that would not only serve to move young people forward through the capstone scouting experience but also enhance the camping experience for generations to come.


  • Adam Engle - Boy Scout Troop #711 - Cabin Resoration - painted all five cabins at Camp Running Bear, inside and out in 2010.
  • Sonny Lory - Boy Scout Troop #451 - designed, created, and landscaped a Flag Court at Camp Running Bear in 2011.
  • Spencer Twigg-Wirtz - Boy Scout Troop #451 - designed and built a Suspension Bridge over the stream leading to the Gunpowder River in 2011.
  • John Daniello - Boy Scout Troop #880 - designed and built five picnic tables to replace those destroyed by the hurricane and fallen trees in fall 2011.