Camp Running & Dancing Bear

Both Camps are located off Monkton Road southwest of the Gunpowder River; 2 miles from the Mt. Carmel exit off of I-83, and close to the NCR trail.

Camp Running Bear is located off Big Falls Road.  This camp features 5 cabins, each cabin sleeps 8-9 people in bunk beds. A large dining hall, easy access parking lot, bath house & great swings your youth will go crazy over.  There is also easy access to the lower ropes course. A ten-minute hike downstream takes you to the Gunpowder River & a ¾ mile walk along the beautiful brown trout laden river. Flyfishing is allowed, with permission from Al, along this portion of the river. (North of Bluemount Road) The dining hall has been remodelled & features a heating system, fireplace, & full kitchen with commercial size refrigerator. This dining hall can accommodate 100+ people & is an easy walk to the sleeping cabins just above the parking lot.  There is a large fire circle that has 3 fire pits a short walk above the cabins. There is a GaGa pit, an Eagle Scout project that is a hit with the Boy Scouts. The large & open Nature Lodge provides additional space for meetings, crafts, classes, & projects as well as inclement weather activities. The Lodge also has a large fireplace for cooler months. A bathroom/latrine is available year-round in this camp. There is also a large bathhouse with showers on site available spring, summer, & fall.

The cabins are very rustic, & your youth will love them!  An Eagle Scout project re-painted all the sleeping cabins inside & out.

The Camp will be closed in January & February.

Camp Dancing Bear is located off Bluemount Rd. This camp features a large pavilion, bathhouse, water spigot, one cabin that sleeps 4-6 and a large field for tent camping.  There is also a fire circle as well as a GaGa pit, volleyball sand area, climbing and outdoor work-out stations, and swings.  Trails lead to the lower/upper ropes course, to the Gunpowder River and a 3/4 mile parallel hike along the river bed, and to Camp Running Bear where access to the tree swings, a favorite amongst campers, finds them almost always occupied.  This site is ideal for scout groups, and other youth groups that want to tent camp and have easy access to their vehicles, gear trailer, etc. and still have some amenities of home.  The bathhouse on this campsite has two showers in both bathrooms and is not available in the winter months. Depending on the weather, the camp closes in early November and reopens in March.


17433 Big Falls Rd
Monkton, MD 21111, USA

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